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PIC - Time Building Flights

PIC - Time Building Uçuşu

We provide PIC Flight programs that will improve the flight skills of pilots who are continuing their commercial pilot license training since we consider PIC Flight to be a training opportunity. PIC Flight is not a process that must be accomplished as quickly as possible; rather, it is a good opportunity to prepare for the remainder of the pilot training.

We provide instrument flying instruction preparation possibilities with our full glass cockpit aircraft during PIC Flight. In addition, as part of the preparation for CPL training, radio communication procedures are practiced.


Within the ambit of our PIC Time Building Flights, we also carry out the following activities:

  • Our former military personnel pilots are preparing for Turkish Air Force Academy Student Selection Flights,
  • Traffic pattern and landing practices with various setup settings procedures,
  • Basic Instrument Flight Techniques and Navigation Practices,
  • Practices of ATC Radio Communication.