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Cruiser PS-28
Cruiser PS-28N
Cruiser PS28 & Cruiser PS28N

The PS-28 Cruiser and PS-28N Cruiser are two-seat aircraft with a full-metal fuselage, cantilevered low-wings, and a conventional empennage. The aircraft has fixed landing gear in the form of a nose-type tricycle. In addition to the benefits of their low-wing form, the PS-28 Cruiser and PS-28N Cruiser models have excellent flight characteristics due to their aerodynamic design.

It can be utilized in basic and advanced flight training thanks to its exceptional design and steady flight characteristics.

Fields of use;

  • Basic and advanced flight instruction,
  • PIC Flights,
  • Basic Military Pilot Training,
  • Entertainment Flights,
  • Air Tourism,
  • Air Transportation for Individuals.
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With its great flight characteristics, modernly built full glass cockpit panel, and large cockpit, we desire to provide you with the very best with our PS-28 Cruiser aircraft. Fatigue evaluations have indicated that the overall fuselage lifespan is 11,000 flying hours because of its innovative design and full-metal construction (approximately twice that of its peers).

Cruiser PS-28
Cruiser PS-28

With its all-metal body and full glass cockpit, the PS-28 Cruiser is approved as an LSA-Light Sport Aircraft by EASA and is utilized in flight training in Europe and many other countries.

Cruiser PS-28N
Cruiser PS-28N

According to EASA CS-LSA regulations, the PS-28N Cruiser is certified for VFR night and day flights. The PS-28N Cruiser is distinguished by its wide, comfortable cockpit and excellent flight characteristics.