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Cruiser PS-28
Cruiser PS-28N
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PS-28 Cruiser Introduction
Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Cost. Absolute Satisfaction!
  • Full-metal low-wing monoplane frame with two seats.

  • Cantilevered wings with the conventional empennage.

  • Tricycle landing gear that is fixed, nose type.

  • Approved for use in the United States, Europe, and other nations.

  • The main spar is made entirely of metal, with a secondary rear spar.

  • Each wing has a 67-liter fuel tank and a lockable 10-kg storage area.

  • With strobe and position lights, carbon glass composite wingtips.

  • Electronic flaps and ailerons, as well as electric-powered right-wing trim.

  • Elevator, rudder, horizontal stabilizer, and vertical stabilizer

  • Elevator trim that is controlled electrically

  • Elevator balance tab for improved control and balance

  • The balanced construction ensures superior flight stability.

  • Full-metal structure with a semi-monocoque conventional design.

  • Composite material is used for both fixed and moveable frame sections in the cockpit area.

  • Main landing gear fixed directly to the fuselage.

  • The nose landing gear is attached to the firewall segment.

  • Extremely comfortable and by far the most spacious in its class.

  • Openable side windows in a Plexiglas canopy.

  • Luggage compartment with an 18 kg capacity.

  • Climate control, dual flight control, adjustable rudder pedals, and more.

Unusual Efficiency

The PS-28 Cruiser is a highly efficient aircraft thanks to in-house research, design, and production. With high-quality standards and a lifespan of over 11,000 hours, it is by far the most cost-effective aircraft to fly when compared to average operating expenditures in its category.

PS-28/PS-28N Cruiser Authorized Dealer
Avian Aviation Inc. is the only authorized company in Turkey for the sale of all aircraft produced by the Cruiser Aircraft Group S.R.O. You can contact us for information about all technical details, order processes, and delivery conditions.