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Multi Engine Rating

Multi Engine Rating

Multi-Engine Rating Training

Another stage that comes to a head during the flight training process of pilot candidates who aspire to work as airline pilots is the Multi-Engine Rating. The Multi-Engine Rating is an authorization that will be registered into your license as a result of multi-engine aircraft flight training. So it is not a type of pilot license. To obtain a multi-engine piston aircraft flight authorization, you must complete the Multi-Engine Class Rating - MEP CR flight training in a flight training organization authorized by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation - DGCA and accomplish the check ride.

We'll expand on the topic by defining what a piston engine airplane is, which is one of the numerous aviation terms that have entered our lives as a result of pilot training. Aircraft engines are classified according to their intended function. Apart from piston engines, aircraft engines include turboprop, turboshaft, turbojet, turbofan, and thermojet among the aircraft engine types.

Which Engines Are Used in Airplanes?

Aircraft engine types used in airplanes vary depending on their purposes and performance requirements. While the Boeing 737 aircraft's engine is a jet engine, the Cessna 172 aircraft's engine is a piston aircraft engine, commonly known as a propeller aircraft engine.

What is the Purpose of Using Piston Engines in Airplanes?

The piston aircraft engine, which is commonly used for training and hobby purposes, is similar to the engines found in conventional automobiles. Aircraft engines have evolved into jet engines in response to the evolution and high-performance necessities of aviation. However, piston engines are still utilized in small planes and trainer planes that don't need high performance. Piston aircraft engine maintenance is easy and inexpensive to maintain, and one of their biggest advantages is their low fuel consumption.

Multi-Engine Class Rating

To work for an airline company, you must have a CPL license with a Multi-Engine Instrument Rating authorization that is valid for at least six months. ME-IR is a type of authorization that can be registered to your existing pilot license. To begin multi-engine instrument flight training, you must have a minimum multi-engine class rating registered PPL license.

The Multi-Engine Class Rating course combines 6 hours of practical flying training with theoretical instruction on specific aerodynamic characteristics in multi-engine aircraft flight. The training, which includes a check ride, takes about two weeks. Pilots who have completed their training and passed this check ride are qualified to fly multi-engine planes in VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions).

One of the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of the flight training phase is multi-engine aircraft class rating training. Although it is a short-term flight training module, it is challenging due to factors such as integrating twin-engine aircraft aerodynamic characteristics, variations in the aircraft control system, and the doubled set of flight instruments.

Because flying a multi-engine plane increases your workload, you'll be handling the checklist after accomplishing as many procedures in the cockpit as feasible from memory. As a result, you should study diligently throughout this part of flight training, expanding your theoretical knowledge and practicing it several times before the flights.

Because flying a multi-engine aircraft is more expensive than flying a single-engine aircraft, if you fail the check ride or the progress check flight during the training phase, you will be faced with costly retraining.

What are the Multi-Engine Class Rating Training Requirements?

You must meet the following requirements before beginning multi-engine airplane class rating training:

  • Having at least PPL – Private Pilot License,
  • Having at least 70 hours of Pilot in Command - PIC flight,
  • Having a valid Medical Class 1 certificate.

The ME CR authorization will be registered into your license if you complete the Multi-Engine Class Rating instruction and pass the check ride. After your pilot license has been granted the ME CR authorization, you can begin training for the Multi-Engine Instrument Rating.

Everything you wonder about Multi-Engine Piston Landing Aircraft Training MEP-CR and other flight training modules is at Avian Aviation! You can contact us for detailed information.

In order to start MEP CR - MEP Class Rating training, you must have performed a minimum of 70 hours of PIC flight.

In order to start MEP IR - MEP Instrument Rating training, you must have performed a minimum of 70 hours of PIC flight.