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Cruiser PS-28
Cruiser PS-28N
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PS-28N Cruiser Equipment
PS-28N Cruiser
  • 2x SkyView SV-HDX1100 10” MFD Touch Screens with Back-up Batteries SV-BAT-320
  • Attitude, Air Data, Heading Reference System
  • SV-ADAHRS-200
  • SkyView SV-GPS-250 Built-in GPS
  • SV-MAP-270 Navigation Software
  • SV-EMS-220 Engine Monitoring Module
  • OAT Probe
  • Stall Warning
  • Garmin G5 TSO Back-Up Electronic Flight Instrument Indicator
  • Pitch Trim Indicator on MFD
  • Aileron Trim Indicator on MFD
  • Transponder
  • Intercom
  • ELT
  • Advanced Cabin Heating and Defogging System (*)

(*) Optional Equipment

PS-28/PS-28N Cruiser Authorized Dealer
Avian Aviation Inc. is the only authorized company in Turkey for the sale of all aircraft produced by the Cruiser Aircraft Group S.R.O. You can contact us for information about all technical details, order processes, and delivery conditions.